Bret Easton Ellis Interview

“Sitting in his LA condo, author Bret Easton Ellis is watching Larry King interview Lady Gaga when he takes my call. Such a scenario is uncannily evocative of something you might expect from Patrick Bateman, the notorious protagonist of Ellis’ razor-sharp satire on ’80s yuppiedom, American Psycho…” 

My feature interview with Bret Easton Ellis, the author of Less Than Zero, American Psycho and Glamorama, originally published in Cream Magazine in 2010.

Neil Tennant Feature

“Neil Tennant requires only a slight pause to answer my question as to whether he has any regrets from his many years working with Chris Lowe as the Pet Shop Boys.”

My feature with Pet Shop Boys frontman Neil Tennant, conducted and written ahead of the pair’s Sydney NYE concert, 2011/2012.

Tame Impala Interview

“Drawing their name from an African antelope – “An impala is wild, that’s what you have to remember,” Parker interjects; “it’s like a brief, spontaneous connection with something foreign, that’s the idea” – Tame Impala’s sound has retained its raw, organic nexus despite the group now inhabiting the ‘hipster’ domain of Modular…”

A couchside chat with Tame Impala following the band’s support slot for MGMT.

Goldfrapp Interview

“Alison Goldfrapp’s reputation precedes her: the ‘English diva’ doesn’t give much away in interviews. But I was sure this time would be different, an exception to the norm…”

I go head to head with the Goldfrapp front woman.

Henrik Schwarz Interview

“Henrik Schwarz was once a graphic designer making music casually around his work – so casually, in fact, that he only ever worked in the studio on Sundays.”

In a guest article for whatpeopleplay, i unravel the story of German producer Henrik Schwarz.